If we no payment have gotten, we help you to remember.


  • 2 weeks after you have received your items, you get the first payment reminder email.
  • A possible second payment reminder email 2 weeks after the first reminder. To do this, we bring ?3,-.
  • A third payment reminder we send 2 weeks after the second reminder by e-mail and by mail to the billing address of your order. To do this, we bring ?3,-.
  • Then you have not yet paid than we carry over to the collection agency.

Already paid?
 If you have less than 5 working days ago have paid, the processing of your payment probably crossed with your payment reminder. You have the reminder to pay or not.


Meanwhile returned?
 Then probably crossed the processing of your return with your payment reminder. As soon as we confirm that we have received your return, you do the reminder not to pay more.


Order not received?
 Is it true delivery address? And have not received your package your neighbors? Please contact our customer service. Then we find out what happened with your package.