1. Report the incident to the police within 48 hours.

  2. If your phone got stolen, call your provider to block your SIM card.

  3. Report the theft to your insurer. If you purchased insurance before 1 October 2018, use the ACTUA claim form. Did you purchase it after that date? You're insured via ERGO, so you can send an email to diefstal@coolblue.nl.
    Make sure to add:
  • your police report;
  • the policy number on your policy sheet;
  • the order number. You can find it in your My Coolblue account, or in your order confirmation.

You'll receive shop credit equal to the replacement value of your product, minus your deductible. You can select a new product right away. The insurance for your old product will expire, so make sure to re-insure your new product.